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Boyd Truman understands success.  He has built a stunning business that reaches and helps thousands of people. For many, that would be enough.  But Boyd is one of those truly rare individuals who cares as much about the success of others as he does his own.  With that drive to propel others to great heights as his motivation, he has written what you hold in your hands.  It has all the building blocks for creating a tremendous life.  Read and heed and you will succeed.
- Dr. Ken Huey
PhD Psychologist
The most important thing a person can discover in their business and life is their PURPOSE or meaning behind what they do.  You can purchase every system and tool created but if you don’t know where you are going and why you want to go there, they won’t do you much good!  TruResults gives you a distinct path to follow that brings both clarity of purpose and enhanced focus. If you find yourself getting distracted or spinning your wheels, this will help tremendously.  I am so excited for my team to finally have this powerful tool!
- Tony McClellan
Blue Diamond
My hope is that your focus and vision for success will become so clear that your desires will come to fruition even quicker and more plentifully than you ever thought possible. You’ll define your purpose—your desired outcome—and it will guide you ever forward towards achieving your goal.
- Boyd Truman
Founder, Double Presidential Diamond


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